Can Meditation Increase Your Height?

Meditation opens up a whole new world to us, and some believe that they would be able to use meditation as a means to achieve things that would otherwise seem fixed or determined by genetics. 

Now, there’s no way to know for sure if one of these changes happens in conjunction with meditation, and if we can attribute such external gain to the practice. 

If one starts meditating, and everything starts going well in life for that person at the time they start meditating, it’d seem logical to believe in meditation. 

Earlier we talked about how meditation can make people more attractive, but that’s an indirect benefit. 

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Can the same be said about meditation when it comes to increasing our height? There’s no way to know for sure if meditation increases our height, because of the lack of evidence or testimonies available. 

This should neither be an end goal as it’s superficial and likely to make many abandon the practice as a whole. 

Now, that wouldn’t be looking at meditation scientifically, but there’s a gut side to meditation where we can become more intuitive and get a feel for what will happen should we continue on the same path. 

When we talk about height, some meditators swear by pituitary gland meditation, and how with only 5 minutes a day, you can activate your growth hormone and grow 2-3 inches. 

I’m here to tell you to please, don’t make your meditation outcome dependent. While what you get from meditation is great and while it feels rewarding to achieve your goals, none are guaranteed by an exact science: you may end up growing more from meditation but age plays a role. 

The more you enjoy the journey, the more fulfilling your experience is likely to be overall. Regardless of if your goal is becoming more attractive or taller. 

Meditations Internal Changes and External Changes

Meditation changes the brain, and in many cases, meditation changes our mentality and outlook on life, by expanding our consciousness. 

Most of the changes you note with meditation start on the inside, with self-acceptance. 

If you start meditating at a young age, however, and you adopt good sleeping routines through meditation, you’re likely to let your growth hormone continue without disruption, thus making you grow as tall as you’re meant to be. 

This, supplemented by exercise can increase the likelihood of your growth by a few inches. 

However, pituitary gland meditation, the meditation that’s specifically tailored for increasing height can be done even after reaching adulthood. The con is that this hasn’t been validated by science as a confirmed way to grow.

Before you see physical changes on the outside, you start seeing changes on the inside. For instance, meditation can help you adopt good posture, which in turn, can lead to better growth if you are starting meditation young. 

Should You Do Height Meditation?

I often preach about the importance of finding the right meditation. There are some exceptions though. 

With height meditation, these tend to be short and only have one goal in mind, rather than making people experience the bigger picture of meditation such as mindfulness would. 

I’d say it’s better to practice a meditation that relaxes you and that can give you a stress-free daily life, rather than a short meditation to increase your height since you’d be less likely to be outcome-dependent. 

Meditation on its own can be a hard discipline to cultivate, you might as well spend your first attempt getting it right rather than trying to find a meditation with very few cases to back up the notion that you can become taller. 

If you want to become taller, let that be the bonus of deep meditation. 

If you become taller, that’s great, but if you don’t, you still win by shredding weight off your life that cluttered your thinking. Your goals when you start meditating and once you are a bit in may differ, given how meditation helps you find your true self and purpose. 

Becoming taller is superficial, whereas living stress-free is more likely to serve many individuals better. 

With meditation, after a while, you start leaning more into deeper changes within rather than superficial changes, even if these superficial changes often come as a byproduct rather than directly being impacted by the meditation in itself. 

At a young age, stress can worsen people’s quality of sleep, and without adequate amounts of sleep, it becomes harder to reach our full physical growth potential. 

Instead, picking up exercise as a habit, in conjunction with meditation is more likely to activate your growth hormones. This has more scientific backing than merely engaging in a pseudoscientific pituitary gland meditation. 

If you only are meant to improve on one area with your meditation, you’d be missing out on your potential and what you’re truly capable of. 

On top of that, short meditations, while they are better than none, aren’t likely to bring substantial changes in people’s lives to make them see the practice as something worth pursuing. 

Therefore, don’t limit your meditation to that one view where your outcome depends on growth for you to believe in meditation. 

Diet, Meditation, and Height

I make a lot of emphasis on how meditation can indirectly affect your height by making you pick up good routines that would favor growth. 

By eating mindfully, rather than giving in to the temptations of the mind, if your goal is growth you are more likely to pick the healthier foods that would stimulate growth, as presumably, certain foods that can make you taller

When you take care of your gut, everything else starts falling into place. One good habit makes it easier to build on another. Us meditators are many times characterized by our desire to make good choices that would put us closer to our goal. 

Setting ourselves up to grow taller starts with a controllable goal, there are factors outside of our control that will to a greater degree dictate our height, but by choosing a diet that you’re able to follow thanks to the help of the discipline you get from meditation. 

At this point, you’re already doing what’s in your control to increase the likelihood for you to grow taller, without necessarily being affected by the repercussions, in this case, not achieving the specific height that was out of your control. 

A diet is a system that can lead to growth. You can control eating a certain amount of berries a day, which may indirectly result in you growing taller. 

Growing taller is a popular ambition, and in no way am I shaming those who have this as a goal when meditating, but it’s important to not attach and instead let go of what we can’t control and instead, let those things happen as a result of others things that indirectly affect a primary goal. 

Eating better is achievable for most, but just like meditation it requires a certain amount of discipline, but discipline is like a muscle, the more it feeds off itself the stronger it becomes. 

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