Does Meditation Make You More Attractive?

Uncertainty and doubt are often feelings that arise when we meditate. No matter your gender, you’re prone to experience many rewards from meditation that you haven’t thought of before. For instance, it boosts your energy levels and can indirectly make you more patient

But with everything that you can get by meditating, can it also make you more attractive? While meditation is unlikely to physically change your facial structure, it can make you more attractive by revealing your true self, which is what’s gonna attract the right people into your life. 

Photo by Brian Lawson on Unsplash

There are other things you get from meditating that make you more attractive, which we’ll explore more in-depth for this occasion, as well as give some examples. At the end of the day, most, if not all strive to be more attractive. 

The good news is that everyone is able to meditate, and thus, make themselves more attractive. Now, it’s unlikely to happen overnight, since meditation is a process. 

Boosted Confidence

One of the strongest predictors of attraction is your confidence. If you approach everything you do while believing in yourself, it’s gonna send out a signal in how you see yourself. 

How you see yourself plays a role in how others see you, but how you see yourself is even more important than what others see. When others see a confident individual, it’s more likely to convey trust, and thus, forming a bond with such a person becomes less of a risk. 

You can’t expect your problems to be solved by someone that doesn’t even believe in themselves or is unsure about what they’re doing. Now, confidence is fortunately not fixed and we can change it. 

For some, faking this confidence helps them over the short term, but over the long term, the more you accept your true self, something meditation helps you do, the more okay you are with yourself and the more you convey the message of being comfortable with yourself. 

As a result, you start forming genuine, deep relationships rather than surface shallow relationships that don’t genuinely have an interest in you, but only something you present to them, either through a fake self or by material possession. 

However, keeping up an act becomes exhausting, because you’d have to fit this image of the ego and the expectations of others just to be quote on quote accepted. 

But the reality is that everyone deals with insecurities. The more confident you are about these and accept them as part of you, the more you’re able to change this. 

Meditation helps you see things from a third-person perspective, as in watching yourself as a video game character or a visual novel, except you have full control of your decisions and you’re no longer letting the game run by itself by having the mind work on autopilot. 

You step out of a matrix where you’re no longer in control and trade it for a reality where you are in control, even if such reality isn’t beautiful at first, you can make it, rather than just living subject to how others see you. 

Being Calmer

Similarly to being more confident, when others see a calm person they tend to want to assimilate more with that person. The more time they spend with you, the more there’s a chance they grow some form of attraction to you. 

Being calm is something many envy, but don’t realize it’s so accessible to them through consistent meditation. When you’re calmer, you make better decisions and become less reactive. 

Far too many make the wrong decision for being too reactive and not thinking things through, only to regret those decisions later. Meditation promotes logical thinking, and that combined with calmness is powerful when getting more control over your emotions. 

Of course, you can never have full control over your emotions, but you can become less affected by such emotions if they affect you negatively or get in your way. 

Being calm is an attractive trait, just like confidence, but due to the stress that many experience these days, it’s not that common of a trait. 

I personally always look up to calm people, it indirectly shows confidence in not giving in to a certain situation and letting a bad situation dominate, but rather being in control by allowing said situation that’s out of our control and still managing to remain calm throughout said hardship. 

Slower Aging

Among the physical traits in making someone attractive for many, is how young they look. If they look younger, they are more likely to be perceived as attractive. 

Fortunately, many meditators report feeling younger and have been seen as younger by meditating. 

For instance, meditation could slow down aging by reducing stress, which in turn is less likely to cause wrinkles to the same extent it would when stress was as prominent.

When it comes to age, upon reaching our fourth decade we tend to age faster. Many would gladly sign up for meditation if they knew they could look years or possibly even decades younger. 

Not only does stress affect us negatively when it comes to aging, but it obstructs clear thinking and makes it harder to be calm. Stress and calmness simply don’t go well in the same sentence, therefore, one leads to the other. 

Now, to see the effects of meditation, aging, and younger skin, we don’t need to meditate that long. Something like 20 to 30 minutes is ideal for many and where many novices find this sweet spot to experience a preview of meditation, pushing them to continue. 

Meditation is a way to prove to yourself you’re able to adopt habits in your life that have a positive impact, so picking up anything else that would help aging like exercising becomes a whole lot easier, thus, making it easier for people to burn calories, which also can favor attractiveness. 

Not Needing Approval

When we require approval from others we become less free and make fewer decisions that favor us, but we just want to please those around us. 

This mentality is unattractive and only serves others’ personal interests rather than yours. Meditation allows you to connect with yourself and find out what you really want, as well as what makes you happy. 

Over time, you become less dependent on what others think, which in turn creates more confidence and other people see that. You become a sovereign individual that inspires others to do the same, because not needing approval these days is rare. 

You’d be breaking out of a chain you’d be conditioned to up until this point, which many not only find admirable but attractive as well. 

The more you start living like your true self, the more likely you are to attract people that accept that part of you, but of course, always striving to improve. 

Meditation can help your ambition and purpose, something not everyone has the courage to go after. 

Those you lose in the process weren’t real individuals, to begin with, in the sense that they don’t display their true selves but only a mask for the world to see, in hopes of being seen as the individual they try to portray. 

There’s beauty in flaws, self-love, and self-acceptance. Meditation shines a light on that, and allows you to move on despite imperfections without being subject to the ego but instead, your true self and your true purpose. 

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