Can Meditation Take You To Another World?

Can Meditation Take You To Another World?

Meditation can be a powerful practice to change your life. But beyond the physical and emotional benefits you experience from meditation, can meditation open your eyes to things you didn’t think were possible before? 

The practice, on the surface, wouldn’t seem like anything that goes deeper than improving your quality of life, making you calmer, happier, and focused on your day-to-day life. 

But let’s take a look at a side that’s not so often talked about, and that’s whether meditation can take you to another world, or physically make you feel like you’re going into another world?

While you won’t physically teleport to the land of the fairy tales, you can have spiritual experiences that further make you question reality and what’s real. Meditation expands your consciousness and perspective on life, and thus, that can allow you to experience things you didn’t think were possible before.

Meditation is many times the go-to method some use to have lucid dreams or even some experiences out of their body, more commonly known as astral projection. 

While these practices are two separate practices on their own, and not often associated with meditation, it’s not often mentioned when meditating. For some, having an experience out of their body will feel surreal, and their logical mind may not let them reach that stage. 

To a certain degree, when we meditate, we let go of things, part of that is our critical thinking, in the sense that we observe our thoughts rather than judge them. But the benefit of that is that it can make us more logical and better problem solvers.  

While Meditation, Are You Taken To Another World?

I see meditation as a self-exploration journey, so in that sense, you could say that meditation allows you to tap into the world of your mind and observe your thoughts from a third-person perspective, which in the physical sense is gonna translate to better decisions making and calmer decision making. 

The Journey Inside The Mind

Those times when you made a decision out of impulse won’t be as prevalent as when you consistently partake in deep meditation practices. You can consider your own mind a world on its own, where you form new thoughts you didn’t even know you have. 

Some of these thoughts you may start to experience in dreams and learn new things about yourself. In a way, meditation can allow you to dive as deep as you want it to, the moment your mind steps in and starts making judgments is where the experience usually hits a blockage. 

Not to worry, because all the time you’ve meditated thus far, even if it’s a meditation that’s on the shorter end, can still provide immense benefits over time. 

Now, the journey inside the mind is more on the physical and emotional side, rather than the spiritual side, but what you do here can also carry on and have an impact on the more spiritual sensations you feel while meditating. 

Lucid Dreams

When it comes to lucid dreams, they’re often considered more of a spiritual experience, even if they aren’t and most have experienced some form of lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are often described as more colorful and at times, mimicking qualities of our waking life. 

The practice of lucid dreaming is different from the meditation one, at least, mainstream mindfulness meditation. But there are meditations specifically tailored to have more frequent lucid dreams. 

Having lucid dreams isn’t the norm, but you can increase your likelihood of having them by consistently meditating. This is because what you do in your day-to-day life carries on to your dream life. 

If you don’t question things and start living in the present but instead, live your life on autopilot, it’s become a habit in the subconscious too, so when you dream and see, let’s say an alien ship or something else that would otherwise be seen as completely out of this world, you’ll see it as the most normal thing in the world. 

Because when dreaming, your levels of awareness have significantly decreased. That’s not the case with lucid dreaming, where you’re aware of the details of your present dream and thus, your possibilities of interacting with that dream reality are greater. 

In no way am I guaranteeing that meditation is gonna guarantee that you’re gonna have more lucid dreams if that were to be your goal, but it can, given its nature in increasing your concentration on what’s currently happening, rather than passively letting things happen. Simply put, meditation may increase your chances of lucid dreaming more frequently.

What Else Can You Experience That Feels Like Meditation Is Taking You To Another World?

Aside from lucid dreaming, others report having out-of-body experiences, but that practice alone is generally harder to do. But as both require focus, and since meditation is aimed to help with that, it’s often recommended to do meditation before these practices. 

But you don’t really have to be in a dream state to feel like you’re being taken to another world, or at least, close to it. While you may not exactly feel like you’re taken to another world with meditation, the practice allows you to experience sensations that would otherwise be foreign by not doing any meditation at all. 

Meditation can’t be put into words, and it’s something most if not all, should give a proper try to have some of these more metaphysical sensations without actually being in a less conscious state. Meditation is all about increasing your awareness, on some occasions, giving you hyper-awareness. 

That hyper-awareness can put you in a flow state where, rather than feeling like you’re traveling to another world, something is happening to your current world, that allows you to see things with more clarity. 

The flow state can even come after meditation after you find your focus having a significant boost following consistent meditation practices. 

The goal of the meditation should be to achieve this flow state, where you completely lose your notion of time, at which point you could argue that you are traveling to a different world, one of peace and one where there’s no judgment. 

But a desire to remain there and you could ultimately reach a point where you have a distorted sense of time. That distorted sense of time can make you feel like you travel to another world, where time acts completely different than what you’re used to. 

Making an hour-long meditation feel like it was just a few minutes, all because of the enjoyment. 

All in all, rather than externally feeling like you’re traveling to another world with meditation, you’ll feel like you’re diving into a journey of yourself. Philosophically, meditation advocates for finding the answers within, rather than looking externally.