Does Meditation Connect You With The Universe?

Does Meditation Connect You With The Universe?

Many report a connection with a higher power upon consistent meditation. And for some, meditation helps them to feel connected to the universe. 

Now, not everyone believes in a higher power but it’s always worth keeping an open mind and being open to learning when you embark on your meditation journey. 

After all, many choose places in nature to meditate because it makes them feel more connected to mother earth. Some see this higher living in nature or the universe, but no matter what you believe in, meditation is open to anyone that wants to practice it. 

Of course, many of the more spiritual experiences people talk about when meditating happen after they’ve been doing it for a while. Don’t expect anything other-worldly to happen if you’re just starting out. As a matter of fact, I recommend having no expectations whatsoever. 

That alone will put you ahead of most meditators that quit, and you’re more likely to reap any of the benefits that come with doing the practice for the long haul. 

I’ll dive deeper into ways meditation could connect you to the universe, but keep in mind, the practice as a whole can be very subjective, and you shouldn’t use meditation as a means to escape your current reality. 


People talk about oneness but what does it actually mean? It’s when you’re capable of looking at the bigger picture and seeing everyone, more or less as one. 

Often, those that see oneness will refrain from doing any bad to others, as what you do to others often comes back to you in one way or another. 

And see this harm inflicted on others as harm inflicted on themselves. Oneness is unity and seeing everything connected. 

Some, when they are meditating, are able to feel this oneness with the universe, considering that meditation can temporarily turn off your senses to experience a reality that’s often seen as beyond this physical world, detaches from stress and worry, and with that, comes a connection with a higher power. 

Some find relief in meditation as it’s an alternative higher power to believe in that’s absent of judgment and that doesn’t adhere to the strict rules of any religion. 

Now, it’s perfectly compatible to meditate even if you are religious. At its core, it’s just being in the present moment and the practice of meditation doesn’t have the purpose to turn anyone away from their existing beliefs, but instead, expanding their mind and scope of reality. Which often will open up new belief systems that may or may not align with previous ones. 

Seeing oneness is often a good thing as you’ll be more forgiving of others and it will help you take things less personally. Many amplify their sense of oneness through meditation, but not necessarily. Since everyone is different and the same can be said about everyone’s experience. 

Letting Go of Material Attachments

It’s okay to meditate for material purposes if it keeps you in the meditation and keeps you going, but more often than not, it’s a shallow way to meditate and will not take someone to enlightenment. 

Not everyone wants to experience the spiritual side of meditation and just use meditation as a way to strengthen their discipline, and there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to that. 

Something I do recommend is to let go of any expectations. But over time, the more you meditate, even if you started for material reasons, the more you’ll often let go of the desire for said material accomplishments. 

Some see it as a drawback since the drop in ambition from consistent meditation could put you further from your goals. So it’s really about finding a balance. 

But as long as you let go of expectations, you’ll usually be okay, and the more you let go of material attachments, the easier it is to connect to a higher power, and the less you have to lose. 

The lack of expectation with meditation is liberating for many practitioners. Some, when they are completely detached and experience the more spiritual side of things with meditation, in the sense of detachment from everything is when they feel a closer connection to the universe. 

Attaining Wisdom

When it comes to meditation, once you quieten the mind, it can be a great source of wisdom. That wisdom can either come within whereas some attribute this wisdom to the universe. 

But the universe can be internalized, in the sense that you create your own universe in your mind, free of judgment and just being in the present moment. 

That same quiet space can help many come up with ideas and angles of thinking of things they might never have thought of before had they not given their mind the break it needs. 

Because just like you need rest days to get your muscles to grow, your mind also needs it’s an adequate amount of rest from all the thinking for you to learn new things

Quieting your mind and keeping it quiet is perhaps the hardest part of meditation, especially when you have to do it on a consistent basis. But the result will often come in an expanded scope of consciousness and often rewiring your brain to see possibilities where others see obstacles.

Meditation Is Not The Only Way To Connect With The Universe

Meditation is just one means to connect with the universe and a higher power, for instance, some use prayer. Some use other religious instruments to connect to a higher power.

You can still combine meditation with prayer, as a matter of fact, it might make your prayer more effective or you might feel a closer connection to your religion. 

Now, many religions tend to frown upon meditation because it’s seen as something countering. Meditation does promote free thinking and even thinking outside the box. But fundamentally, just being in the present moment while you are focusing on your prayer could qualify as a form of meditation.

Why Meditation Is a Good Way To Connect With The Universe

Meditation is safe and should the meditation become too much for you at some point, you can always stop the practice without feeling any guilt since the session helps you explore yourself more than anything. 

The more you get to know yourself the easier it is to get a sense of direction on what and what not to believe in. 

You come up with your own thoughts and ideas and understand why you have a certain belief system and if your childhood influenced your belief system, or if you’re believing what you believe because others installed those belief systems in you. 

That’s the beauty of meditation, that it’s liberating and helps you let go of belief systems that no longer serve you while adopting new belief systems, based on your own experience. You might find out you were right all along or that what you believed in needs some tweaks. 

There is no right and wrong and everyone’s experience is subjective. But don’t get too caught up in the thoughts you get since those thoughts aren’t yours, and you aren’t your thoughts. 

The detachment from thoughts might help you feel freer knowing you can in good conscience reorganize your mind and rebuild yourself in a way that puts you closer to becoming your best self.