Why Do We Vibrate During Meditation?

Why Do We Vibrate During Meditation?

There are such things called vibrational energies throughout our body. When we’re in a high vibrational stage, we feel happier, more energized, and more positive, as opposed to when we are emitting vibrations at a low frequency. Of course, this taps more into the spiritual aspects of meditation. 

It’s quite common to experience vibrations during meditation, and it means that the energy flows throughout your body are opening up for new experiences as well as personal growth. This tells you that change is on the way.

When your body opens up to energy and your mind opens up to the idea of expanded consciousness, these vibrations will often manifest, but that is usually only if you are under a deep state of meditation. 

The deeper your meditation is, the more likely you are to enjoy it, and thus, the higher you are likely to vibrate. However, experiencing vibrations can also be common for individuals chanting “Om” during meditation

I remember in 2014 when I used to meditate under a guided meditation, I was often instructed to say the word “Om” repeatedly. I could feel sensations that were new to me at the time, but because I was raising my vibrational energy, I allowed myself to experience those things. 

What Is The Vibrational Frequency?

Vibrations are known as rhythms residing in the cells around the body. Depending on which frequency those cells vibrate, it can adjust the functions of the body accordingly. 

However, these vibrations aren’t always visible, and it’s only during meditation, especially when done in a calm, peaceful environment that we can feel these vibrations. 

A measurable vibration and its changes in its electromagnetic field can be seen when the body is exposed to different temperatures. 

For instance, if the body is exposed to cold, that measurable vibration will decrease because we aren’t necessarily feeling good at the moment. Vibrational energy and how you feel go hand in hand. 

Engaging in activities that bring you joy and that you find genuine pleasure with is more likely to raise that vibrational frequency, even on a nano-level, which can be observed through physical changes in the body. 

Something as simple as practicing gratitude on a daily basis is a direct way to increase your vibrational energy. It can be as simple as being aware of what you already have, rather than what you lack, something meditation on its own teaches you to do by bringing you into the present. 

When you focus on abundance, rather than scarcity, it can have a deeper change in you, in the sense that it wires your subconscious to have an outlook of life more geared towards what’s good and what’s within your control.

Meditation Raises Your Vibrational Frequency

While there are several ways to raise the vibrational frequency, meditation strengthens your pre-existing actions in raising your vibrational energy. You may be doing these things without noticing, at which point, you’ve successfully reached a point of subconscious rewire. 

Your vibrational frequency can often be reflected in your day-to-day life because while meditation happens on a plane where you’re the most in touch with yourself, you carry on what you did during the practice to your daily life when you’re not meditating. 

But unlike other things you could do to raise your vibrational frequency or just feel good for a moment, the benefits of meditation are persistent, which is why it’s so attractive when it comes to raising your vibrational frequency. And many resort to audio to raise their vibrational frequency. 

Often, when you meditate at a higher frequency you feel lighter and more comfortable. You also feel the often talked about connection that happens between the mind and body. 

There are of course meditations more geared towards raising the vibrational frequency exclusively, such as repeatedly chanting “Om” during a meditation session, which have the goal of bypassing the area of your brain that produces emotions, giving you the possibility to modify your vibrational state.

However, that’s not the only time you can experience vibrational frequencies, you can do normal meditation without chanting anything and still experience vibrations, often by just focusing on the sensations around your body or merely taking notice of your breath, and locking your attention there.

What Are Low Vibrational Frequencies

Low vibrational energies deter in many ways and can present a hindrance in your normal life outside meditation. 

These low vibrational frequencies are often related to anger, shame, pride, sadness, or fear. 

Fear is perhaps the more crippling part of them all, as it can manifest in indirect ways to impede you from reaching your goals, while in contrast, high vibrational energy adjusts your mood to one that’s more positive, you’re more likely to act in accordance with your truer self as opposed to being under the, metaphorically speaking, spell that those low vibrations present. 

While it’s impossible to control these emotions to the T, you can have more control over them by consistently meditating and taking a step back. 

As a matter of fact, feeling vibrational frequencies raise (often being accompanied by a tingling feeling or tranquility) is a clear indication that the meditation is having an effect on you, and thus, you’re practicing correctly

Meditation is one of the avenues to free you from the antagonizing low vibrational frequencies that are common to experience every day outside meditation, such as feelings of stress and thoughts pertaining to something negative or defeating. 

The defeating part is often shown in the sense of despair presented in low vibrational frequencies. 

Matching Your Same Vibration

Often, if you’re happy, it can be visibly seen in your behavior. There’s something about vibrating at a higher frequency that increases your possibilitý to surround yourself with others that match that energy. 

Because among the strongest benefits of meditation, we become more empathic and are more able to form deeper emotional connections with others. 

This is something outside of meditation that can raise our vibrational frequency, but something that’s often acquired from practicing meditation consistently. 

Compassion and empathy are two of the emotions that elevate your frequency, which in turn, can lead to other things such as a clearer mind, which in turn, translates to better problem-solving. 

By vibrating around a strong positive frequency with others, you spread your energy with others, however, that also is true for them. 

If you continuously surround yourself with individuals that vibrate at a low frequency and see despair in everything, you’re likely to be affected by that. That’s why it’s so common for many individuals living a happy life to put emphasis on who they build these relationships with. 

The Highest Vibrational Frequency

Enlightenment is the highest vibrational frequency, and what many individuals chase when they start meditating. This normally takes years to achieve, through consistent meditation. This is a state where you always are experiencing peace, twenty-four hours a day, and have completely let go of any stress, whatsoever you had in your life. 

However, a life completely devoid of anything negative is really difficult to imagine, and for many, will be unachievable. I myself have not reached enlightenment, even when I have meditated for years. 

But the good news is that you don’t have to reach this point to feel the positive effects meditation is supposed to give you. Now, this is what will happen when you start vibrating at a higher frequency: By default, you don’t necessarily vibrate at a high frequency, and depend on others to have a clear image of how you should perceive yourself. 

Once you start vibrating at a higher frequency, you free yourself from the expectation that is attached to you by others. Meditation is detachment. But it can also be detachment from the ego part of yourself. 

There’s a true part of yourself and an ego part of yourself. That ego places a certain expectation on you, and when you fail to meet up to that, you bring yourself down through your ego. 

Meditation can often be seen as ego death, as you learn to be more accepting of yourself and others. You apply the principle of non-judgment in your life, and that’s reflected in your personal relationships. 

But radiating at a high frequency means you make yourself ready to lose people in your life that don’t serve you a purpose, which, at the beginning can feel lonely, but over time, you learn that it’s a weight lifted off your shoulder and you can live your life without the burden of judgment or expectations by others. 

That’s part of your personal growth. The beautiful aspect of meditation is not only its detaching aspects but also the fact that what follows your ability to love yourself and accept yourself, you become less reliant on other people and can be more reliant on yourself. 

Once your life takes a 180-degree turn by high vibrations, you’ll be less likely to experience anything that was previously, before you started meditating, hindering your progress or happiness for that matter. 

But that doesn’t mean you’ll completely get rid of that, but you’ll see a change that’s significant enough for things that otherwise affected you before you embarked on your journey.