Is Meditation Best in the Morning?

Is Meditation Best in the Morning?

While building the habit of meditation, the most important part isn’t necessarily when you meditate as much as it is that you meditate. But, there are reasons why you may want to meditate in the mornings. 

Of course, this isn’t universally applicable, and it all comes down to experimentation and finding out what works for you. 

But I’m gonna share some reasons as to why for many, it’s better to meditate in the morning.

Mornings are calm and it’s when the mind is fresh from sleep, so you’re less likely to be bugged by thoughts getting in the way of your meditation. 

If you choose to meditate later in the day, there are so many things that have already happened that it could add up to the overthinking stemming from the mind. But that’s not to say that it can’t be done. 

The Easy Transition of Morning Meditations

Morning meditations tend to be easier for the reason that you are already in a calm state and you’ve just woken up from sleep. 

It’s when everything and it’s when your mind already is in a sleep-like state of mind that you can take advantage of. You probably feel like it’s a chore to go and brush your teeth every morning, but you still do it because you’ve turned it into a habit. 

Well, the same can be said about meditation, but what’s so good about doing it in the morning is that you already are in a relatively calm state of mind because of sleep, entering a meditation where you enter a flow state and have your full undivided attention on the practice becomes easier. 

Your mind hasn’t had the time to process yet what’s happened in the day and it’s fresh, so you can get ahead of your own mind and pave the path for an easy day. 

It’s a bit like writing your own code on a blank file and programming your mind in a way that works in your favor. 

So you have an easier time transitioning and going from a sleepy and possibly even groggy state of mind to an alert, calm and laser-focused state of mind. 

Your day already becomes easier and you don’t have to think of meditation for the rest of the day as if it would be a chore. Instead, you’ve already done one of the hardest things to do for the mind, which sets the tone for the day and makes everything else simpler. 

Starting Your Day Powered Up

How about instead of having a cup of coffee, you have a daily cup of meditation in the morning? Jokes aside, you can always combine the two. 

Sometimes, coffee is used as a stepping stone to having an easier time focusing with meditation, but since you’ve already woken up, you still have your energy bar filled, so you can take advantage of that time to meditate, as opposed to doing it later in the day where you might feel your energy depleted by then. 

At which point, you might turn to external substances such as coffee to help you in being alert with meditation. But meditation on its own is a natural way to get yourself alert, without depending on anything external, like coffee in this case. 

Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with coffee but ideally you should reach a stage where you are able to meditate without it if you so wanted, because of the discipline you built up all along. 

Meditation, especially in the mornings, is like a natural source of energy that stays relatively consistent throughout the day and could mimic the effects of coffee, and even last longer. 

Many see a boost in their performance when they take their sip of coffee, now imagine combining that with meditation. 

You probably don’t just want to start your day powered up for the energy to deplete later during the day, but instead, you probably want to learn to stay focused and energized throughout the day for maximum output and well-being. If you answered yes to that, you’re in luck because meditation allows you to do just that.  

Getting Work Done Is Easier

With meditation, you are often able to learn laser focus, which ultimately helps you in getting work done quicker and at a higher quality. So if you care about your work output and the workflow going as smoothly as possible, you’re likely to benefit from morning meditations. 

If you are stress-free, what is often getting in the way of your work will be absent and you will have nothing but the present and mindful work. 

It’s a bit like a cheat code to get things done, as meditation can be even more effective than coffee when it comes to boosting productivity. 

Less Likely To Procrastinate

By choosing to meditate in the morning, you’re less likely to procrastinate on it, since you’ll be getting done with one of the most important tasks for the mind in the early morning and no longer have to think about it. Now, it’s often those that haven’t built a habit out of meditation that would see it chore-some. 

But if you meditate in the morning, it won’t stick into your conscience and bug you until you do it, just like if you’ve ever had homework, you probably are able to enjoy more the things you want to do once you are done with the homework, as opposed to having it stack up in the mind like a debt to be paid. 

I know I myself can’t enjoy the things I normally find joy in until I do what I know I should do. If you manage to get yourself to feel that way about medication, it’s a strong indication that you are on the right path, as you’ve successfully adopted the habit as a daily routine or are on your way to doing so. 

However, anytime is fine to meditate. You just need to stick with it. But if you’ve struggled to maintain your focus, try changing the time of the day you meditate, and considering the fact that once you meditate in the morning, you’re done with it, and it’s an easy transition as well as being less likely to procrastinate, you should strongly consider meditating in the mornings. 

Easier To Build The Routine

The major plus of meditating in the morning is that you’ll likely have an easier time building the routine of meditation

The combination of feeling energized, calm, and focused will make it unlikely for you to want to revert back to a day-to-day where you didn’t meditate first thing in the morning. 

When getting into meditation, one of the most crucial parts for those starting out is building the habit. 

If you use yourself as a point of comparison to when you meditate in the morning and when you don’t and observe how your day turns out to be, you’ll likely consider morning meditations as the way to go since you won’t want to go back. 

And it will be the most reliable kind of data to go from because the only right way to meditate is a way that works for you. 

You Become More Read to Deal With What The Day Throws At You

By meditating in the morning, you condition yourself to be less reactive to things and more observant. 

The small things that might’ve bothered you during the day no longer spark a reaction from you, which is liberating in the sense of knowing that no one can disrupt the internal peace you have but yourself, and choosing to react a certain way. 

Bad things are prone to happen that are out of your control, but by meditating in the morning, you already are one step ahead of what’s coming, and thus, you’re less affected. That’s the beauty of meditation in general, not letting things outside of your control take away from your happiness. 

What once ruined your day now becomes a minor distraction that you’re able to acknowledge, let go and bring your attention back into the present.

Remember that it’s not so much what happens as it is how you respond. Taking control of your mind first thing in the morning is a cheat code for an easier day in general.

Easier Time Lucid Dreaming

If you’re a fan of lucid dreaming, you’ll likely benefit from morning meditations. Now, this is true no matter what time you meditate, but what’s concrete about meditating in the morning is your increased likelihood to stick with meditation. 

This translates to you being more present throughout each day as you build the habit. And the habits you carry in your day-to-day often are the same habits you carry with you when you go to sleep. 

Now, some have more success with lucid dreaming when they meditate at night, but by being present, you also become more mindful in your dreams, so it would be easier to detect patterns and clues letting you know you are dreaming and ultimately take control of your dream.

Just like you take control of your own mind by meditating. When lucid dreaming, it’d be like living an extra life, parallel to your day-to-day. 

Final Thoughts 

There are several reasons why you might want to start meditating in the morning. Especially if you have been having problems reaching a deep state of focus and calmness. Take advantage of the sleep-like state you are already in and experience the most out of meditation. 

Your results may vary from someone else’s so always feel free to experiment with your meditation to find out what works for you. But it’s always worth being aware of the potential benefits that come from doing morning meditations.