Are Meditation Benches Worth It?

Are Meditation Benches Worth It?

There are so many ways to meditate, and some meditations report more benefits than others depending on the person. It’s quite popular to sit down on your knees while meditating, as some believe that’s how they actually experience the full benefits of meditation. 

And while that certainly is one way to meditate, it can get uncomfortable at times. Therefore, some individuals resort to meditation benches. There’s no point in meditating if you’re constantly gonna be moving. 

Now, there is a meditation that’s particularly tailored for movement, but for those looking to meditate to relax the mind and be at peace, continuously moving can disrupt some of that flow state we enter when we meditate. 

It’s when we enter the flow state that we start feeling the effects of the meditation, and in that sense, meditation beaches make meditation easier for you. 

Meditation keeps your position stable and can prevent any pain you could be causing to your ankle. It helps to be comfortable while meditating, and if there’s anything you’re sitting on to achieve it, then you should absolutely go for it. 

There are also meditation chairs, designed to keep you in a stable and comfortable position. 

What’s important is entering a flow state where you feel yourself being present or mindful. Generally, meditation benches are used when you’re in a kneeling position. 

The pressure you would otherwise experience without a bench while doing sitting meditation could make the entire process of meditation painful, thus, making you see it as such and not want to continue.

Good Posture and Meditation Benches

One major benefit of meditation benches is that they help you keep a good posture. Meditation is great, but not so great if you’re keeping a posture that could be hurting you and you don’t realize it’s hurting you. 

While you don’t have to sit while meditating and you absolutely can do it while laying down, without risking any posture pain, one drawback is that because meditation is something so new, it may not feel as if we’re accomplishing much while laying down and meditating, even if we are. 

True meditation can be done anytime and anywhere, but there is something special about sitting in a certain position, and for that, it helps to do it right. 

So in that sense, meditation benches are great for posture and great at preventing the disruption of the momentum achieved in meditation. 

In the end, sometimes it can be hard to start the meditation practice to begin with, just like anything can be hard to start, but once you’re doing said thing, you start feeling better about yourself.

Do You Need a Meditation Bench?

Yes. Or at the very least, it’s recommended. Meditation benches are more likely to remove any pressure you may be feeling while sitting down and meditating, and it’s highly recommended that you get one if you’re planning to sit while meditating. 

Not using a bench could work for you in the short term, but you risk having some issues pertaining to posture and discomfort over the long run. 

You don’t actually have to have a bench, but it can make your life easier. The discomfort you’re likely to feel from not using one could defeat the purpose of the meditation, to begin with. 

Benches Can Deepen The Experience

The more you meditate, the deeper the experience becomes. With meditation benches, a major plus is that because of the comfortable position, you’re more likely to be motivated to continue the meditation for longer periods, instead of cutting it off after let’s say 20 minutes. 

While I don’t have any proof, my best guess is that many, including myself, would make the experience shorter because of discomfort. But with a meditation bench and being comfortable, it helps to make the experience longer. 

And while I’m no expert, I’m here to share what has worked for me during my meditation journey having nearly nine years of meditation experience under my belt. 

I can confirm that the more you’re in a flow-state, the less you want the meditation to end, so if you’re currently having trouble prolonging your meditation sessions, and you’re sitting down, consider a meditation bench, it could be a game changer for you and make the practice significantly more pleasant and easier for you. 

Prices of Meditation Benches

The princess can vary, but they’re generally not that expensive. They usually go anywhere from $50 to $200. Can of course be more than that or even less, but depending on what you pay if you decide to get a bench, it could be worth it if you keep comfort in mind. 

Some meditation benches are pricier than others. Now, you absolutely don’t have to buy a meditation bench, especially if you’re price-conscious. There are individuals that meditate on a normal chair and it works out great for them. 

You can also build your own meditation bench by yourself. If you’re a crafting enthusiast, that may be a viable alternative for you to make it cheaper for you. 

One thing is certain, you don’t have to pay some outrageous price to get your hands on a good bench that does the job. It’s less the bench you use and it’s more about how you feel from that bench. 

Using a Meditation Cushion

Personally, I used to use a meditation cushion when I was meditating in a sitting position in 2016. They tend to have an equivalent price to meditation benches, but some find these more comfortable than benches. 

Make sure that whatever you’re using, that it’s balanced, and that you’re sitting in a good posture, that’s the key to a good meditation with fewer interruptions and ultimately, a deeper experience. 

It may take some tweaks, but it’s worth it. I say this since I used to have to change positions every so often while I meditated, which would often make the experience feel like less. If you feel like the bench isn’t comfortable enough, you may want to add a cushion to it. Some benches can be hard and they create the same discomfort they were meant to solve.