Do Money Meditations Work?

Do Money Meditations Work?

Ever listened to those meditations that last for hours and are designed to make you wealthier? Well, turns out, it can actually work. But not the way you think. 

While meditation won’t magically make a bag of cash appear in front of you, it can reprogram your subconscious to attain it. 

Among the highest culprits in not having the life you want, is your belief system towards certain things. 

If you have a negative belief when it comes to attaining wealth, or think wealth is genetic, your subconscious mind makes you think it’s not worth trying to pursue the accumulation of wealth.

The more you think of wealth as a form of abundance, as some sort of energy that flows that never really disappears, but just changes ownership, the more influence you have over yourself to attain said wealth. Wealth-based meditations can have a psychological effect on you. 

And in a way, make you feel accomplished, even if there’s a way to go. The key is in using this sense of accomplishment as an impulse for goal-pursuing, rather than thinking it would passively come to you. 

Mindset Change

Generally speaking, you can say that meditation expands your consciousness and therefore, widens your scope of reality, as well as what’s possible. 

There’s only so much you know about yourself before you start meditating and ultimately learning more of what you’re capable of. Some meditations are guided and use affirmations or melodies to make you feel a certain way. 

But among the many positive effects of meditation is the possibility to change your mindset. You generally start seeing things from a different perspective while meditating, often coming closer to optimism than pessimism. 

Optimism comes a long way in growing your wallet. For a long time, I’ve seen meditation as an investment in ourselves, that can grow every aspect of our lives, even in ways that were unintended to us. 

The more you have a sense of direction when it comes to meditation, the less likely you are to give up on the practice. If your motivation to meditate is money, there’s nothing wrong with that and you should continue to pursue it. 

Of course, motivation alone is a bad master, but it’s a bonus that comes with the discipline you learn with meditation. Motivation may get you started but discipline will get you there. Discipline creates consistency.

What’s important with meditation is consistency and finding something that works for you. Why mindset change is so important is because your belief dictates how you will act and see things. 

Meditation can serve as motivation for the pursuit of wealth, more so considering you’re setting yourself up for that by programming your subconscious mind. 

If there’s any resistance in your subconscious mind and you simply don’t believe it’s possible to achieve a certain goal, be it when it comes to money or any other aspect, you’re gonna have a hard time moving forward. 

The mindset change that comes from meditation is liberating in that sense. Especially considering you’d be optimizing every aspect of your life through meditation, not just money-wise. 

Money Meditation Can Make You Believe In Yourself

While this isn’t exclusive to just money meditation, the practice as a whole is known to increase confidence

When you’re confident about your capacity to make money, you’ll be more likely to move in that direction and find success, especially considering new avenues open up in your mind, and you start seeing things from new angles. 

Why do you think people are often advised to go on a walk when they’re facing a problem they’re trying to solve? It’s a break for the mind, and the same goes for meditation and can be applied to whichever goal you have. 

You can’t go wrong with more confidence and focus, but aside from that, why it can increase your belief in yourself is also because it removes subconscious blockages. 

You might’ve been taught to see wealth negatively throughout your life, to the point where it’s been ingrained in your subconscious, and thus, you don’t want to pursue it on a subconscious level but do on a conscious level. 

One would normally think that it would take years to reprogram the subconscious mind, and while that can be the case for some, the average meditator usually requires less than six months to see any substantial change in their day-to-day life and mindset. 

Meditation does change you as a person, but in a better way, as it can help you find a truer part of yourself you weren’t aware was there, but you were so distracted by the future or past. 

Feeling Like You Deserve What You Set Your Mind To

One of the biggest influences as to whether you attain what you set a goal for yourself to achieve is your belief in feeling like you deserve such a thing, not only confidence (which is a major variable). 

Money meditations can work because they use affirmations to make you feel like you’re drawn to it. 

Affirmations like “I deserve wealth” or “I’m becoming rich”, which, at the surface may seem simple at first, but can be powerful when repeated consistently to your mind. 

If you tell yourself something enough times, you often start believing it. But with money meditations, which do have these affirmations, sometimes it’s accompanied by a melody. 

If your mind associates that melody with making more money, that can end up interacting with you on a subliminal level, to the point where listening to a set melody in conjunction with the affirmations trigger a change. 

Whichever thing you put your energy into, grows. That’s your choice where you put that energy with meditation. Often, what you internalize will be easier to externalize, so if you imagine yourself with a lot of wealth, you start believing it’s possible to achieve it. 

Now, while money meditations on their own are unlikely to directly make you wealthier, they can help you in indirect wealth which in turn, prompts you to achieve a set level of wealth.

If your source to pursue it is a money meditation, you should continue it by all means, as that money meditation on its own can, aside from motivating you to increase your wealth, help you in other aspects like any other meditation would. 

The idea, as with any meditation, is often to put your focus on the melody or affirmation you’re hearing when you’re under the effects of a money meditation.