Do Affirmations Work With Meditation?

Do Affirmations Work With Meditation?

There are affirmations in meditation tailored to change the subconscious mind. But do they actually work? Considering that the subconscious mind has more power than the subconscious, especially when it comes to incorporating habits in our day-to-day life, it makes sense to want to change the subconscious mind to favor what you want to achieve. 

Meditation is one of them, as meditation can help you achieve things you didn’t think possible before until you experience them. 

Many are less likely to believe anything is happening if they don’t see any explicit evidence of such a thing, but there’s some faith involved in using affirmations in conjunction with meditation to move in a better direction. 

Sometimes, you do want to change but there’s a subconscious blockage, and thus, no progress is made. So in the end, whether you believe in affirmations or not, will to a great degree determine whether said affirmations have an effect on you. 

The question of whether affirmations meditation work is general, but if your belief is followed by action and noticing changes when they’re happening, you’re more likely to keep moving in that direction and thus, see affirmations meditation work. 

With so many affirmations to change the subconscious mind, it isn’t always easy to know if you’re picking the right one. But just like you should give meditation a try for 3 to 4 months, it’s no exception with affirmation meditations. This can be used in conjunction with meditation or standalone meditations that include affirmations you listen to daily.

Do You Have To Do Meditation Affirmations To See Any Changes In Your Life?

Assuming you want to achieve a certain thing in your life, do you actually need to affirm to yourself that you’re achieving a set thing? Affirmations can have a psychological effect on you, which pushes you to take a certain action and achieve something. 

This is where it helps to test yourself on whether you are influenced by affirmations by taking note of any changes in your life while meditating and using affirmations. 

Even if these changes are small, they can tell you you’re heading in the right direction. Seeing progress is what keeps many going, but it can also help to be clear of expectations. Meditation puts emphasis on the idea that there are things outside your control, and it teaches you to be okay with that and still find things to work for you. 

If you have a hard time believing affirmations and the affirmations aren’t followed by any measurable progress, you don’t need to use affirmations to see any positive changes. Meditation alone and taking a step back is often enough for the mind to find back its strength and push you to pursue what you need to pursue.

There’s No Need To Fight The Subconscious

I’ve talked about how what you resist persists. With affirmations, it’s no different. The less you feel it’s like a fight, and the smoother you’re able to gradually change your subconscious and change your belief system, the easier it’s gonna be to manifest a certain thing. 

Meditation allows you to open your mind to new angles and expand your perception of reality, so while you can use affirmations meditation as a means to achieve a set goal, it’s not your only option. 

Meditation can already be challenging enough, but adding affirmations to that doesn’t guarantee any change will happen, even though it absolutely can. Just because something isn’t guaranteed doesn’t mean in any way it’s not worth trying. 

There are even some instances where affirmations can be more efficient than other times, and you’ll know how shortly. But the point is that the less you’re able to change your subconscious with any resistance, the easier manifestation becomes. 

Manifestation, affirmations, and changing the subconscious are often something that goes hand in hand when we talk about achieving a certain result an individual wants in their life. 

Meditation opens up the mind and thus, it becomes easier to change the subconscious over time. Changing the subconscious doesn’t happen overnight, and the same can be said when we talk about experiencing the benefits of meditation. 

You may be believing negative thoughts emanating from your subconscious, but that’s because of negative programming. If you’re capable of believing negative thoughts, you’re capable of believing positive thoughts that align yourself with what you want to achieve. 

Making Affirmations More Efficient

Depending on how you say the affirmations, they can have massive to no effect on your subconscious. If you’re telling yourself that you are a certain way but aren’t that way and the evidence that you aren’t Xyz is supported by the day-to-day evidence, it can be hard to convince the subconscious that you are what you say you are. 

There’s this idea that you have to affirm that you have a certain thing in the present moment, even if it isn’t the case. Many guided affirmation meditations work this way. 

And while this can work for some, it’s not always the best idea to try changing the subconscious with these affirmations. Just like, on the contrary, it isn’t always a good idea to say “I want to have XYZ” because that’s implying scarcity, and you’d be focusing on the problem, rather than the solution. Fortunately, meditation teaches your mind to look for solutions rather than problems. 

But one affirmation I’ve personally found that’s working for me, in conjunction with meditation is saying “I’m achieving XYZ”. It’s on the moment, and if followed by an action, that’s where, in my experience, the meditation perfectly synchronizes with a certain affirmation. E.g, trying to get fit and meditating. 

But that’s my experience and is in no way representative of every meditating person who uses affirmations.

You’re not shooting to a place you’re not yet, and you’re not implying scarcity or focusing on what you lack. You’re leveraging the present moment and using it to make a certain affirmation work for you. Meditation works on the now, not the past, not the future.

Alternatives To Affirmations

This one will sound obvious to a lot of people, and a chiché. But there’s some truth to it because not everyone wants to repeat affirmations to themselves, see no results, and give up on affirmations. 

But in my experience, writing down explicitly what you want to achieve, and the actions you’re gonna take works just as well, if not better. 

Because you have something actionable to go after, rather than expecting something to happen and it’s approaching your goal in a more logical manner. 

Of course, this doesn’t serve everyone because some prefer affirmations and there’s nothing wrong with that. But by writing your goals explicitly, and focusing on the solution, there’s less thinking of “how” things will fall in place and instead, staying consistent. 

In this case, meditation, as it serves as a helper for what you want to do, either by increasing your focus, making you more creative, or waking up talents in yourself you didn’t know you have, considering meditation is a journey on yourself.