How Does A Meditation Ring Work?

How Does A Meditation Ring Work?

There are ways to stay in a meditative state without meditating. Of course, this also sounds like a dream come true for many meditators who struggle to find time to practice throughout the day. 

If you struggle to remain concentrated during the meditation practice, it doesn’t have to take months of disciplining your mind, even though that’s the most preferable way to go about it, since the less you rely on something external to meditate or to bring calmness, the better. 

Some, however, can’t help it, and if one is gonna rely on something external to be in a calm state, it might as well be safe, as in the case of meditation rings. 

What Are Meditation Rings?

Meditation rings are also known as spinning rings that bring your attention to the spinning sensations throughout the day, thus helping you to be more present. 

Originally designed for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, can also help those who want to get into a meditative state without giving much thought to it, but instead, gravitate there subconsciously. 

Where you once had struggled to remain in the present moment, you can now stay on track by taking notice of the anxiety or stress you are feeling and taking a step back. 

Sometimes these can be in the subconscious and hinder us throughout the day. But meditation rings can put you in a semi-meditative state to focus more on the task at hand, making sure you improve your output. 

The more we do something deliberately, the more we learn about such things. I call it semi-meditation because while meditation rings are useful in reducing anxiety and getting you in a relaxed stage, they don’t replace the need for meditation. 

Meditation combined with spinning rings is an optimal combination for beginners, as they learn what it’s like to be in a present state and if their mind defaults to that on a day-to-day basis, practicing meditation becomes easier. 

Thus, we perpetuate and amplify the fruits of our effort and are able to manifest results faster. Too many people give up too soon on the practice because they set unreasonable expectations or feel like meditation is this huge commitment. 

But if you get a taste of peace of mind through meditation rings, it can be a great way to help you dive deeper into the practice. Meditation rings alone can help lower your blood pressure

The mind, by default, unless it’s trained to be in the present, operates on autopilot. But what if you could use that autopilot to your benefit? 

Do you often find yourself fidgeting or rotating a pen in order to distract yourself? That’s no longer gonna be needed with a meditation ring, as the spinning sensations can bring about a somewhat deeper sense of relaxation. 

Meditation rings are a great way to autopilot the attention to the present moment and shortcut your way into a meditative state without being a seasoned meditator. Entering this state can be addictive but in a positive sense. 

Now, I don’t believe meditation is addictive, but more of a habitual thing, but it may have qualities that simulate addictiveness.

If you make it a habit to be present, you no longer feel the urge to escape to a place that doesn’t exist such as the past or present, as you’re able to work with your present to make it comfortable and find peace in the present and you’d finally be living mindfully. 

You’re content with what you have and the act of appreciating every small moment and feeling gratitude makes the day-to-day more fulfilling. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t strive for more but you don’t start relying on an outcome to decide if you’re gonna be happy or not. 

Meditation allows you to experience life in its truest sense, rather than letting life happen to you as if you were a robot or in a zombie-like state. 

But if you find yourself unable to commit to meditation, for whatever reason, you may want to start small and use a meditation ring just to get a taste of what you can experience if you were to deliberately practice meditation. 

Meditation Rings Are Comfortable

Not only are meditation rings beneficial to keep us stress-free, but they can also be comfortable. 

The spinning sensations can bring our attention away from gravitating to where we’re not and letting us know we are safe in the present because we find comfort in the present. 

If you see meditation as a comfortable practice, you are more likely to pursue it, since how you see meditation has an impact on your consistency with the practice. But meditation rings are a great entry point if you struggle to do even short meditations. 

There are some that even use meditation rings as a replacement for meditation as a whole, and while I don’t recommend this, this may be what’s optimal for some. Technically, this could qualify as a movement meditation. 

Rhythmic movements are a great way to bring our attention to the now, and this can be observed many times when we exercise or even focus on some specific dance moves. 

Placebo Effect and Rings

These rings can give you a placebo effect and make you subconsciously gravitate more into the present moment, because you’ve made a positive predisposition to them, associating meditation rings with making meditation work. 

If you, from the start, set the mindset that the meditation is gonna work and you’re gonna feel good about it, you’re more likely to get some fulfillment of the practice, even if the meditation practice can go in any direction, because of the fact that you open yourself up to experiences. 

Some even meditate with their palms up because they believe they’ll get more of the meditation, and thus, the psychological effect manifests. 

If you believe something is gonna work for you, it’s more likely to, our minds are capable of things we never knew were possible, until we put those limits to the test. 

Staying On Track With Rings

You might’ve heard that to be present you have to focus on your breath throughout the day. You can do that, but how long are you able to sustain that state if you haven’t trained your mind to do it? 

Training your mind may take months or even years since you aren’t used to being present if you’re constantly surrounded by things that rob your attention from now. 

But meditation rings can extend the present effect by providing a focal point that’s not only mental but physical. 

At times, it takes more than mere willpower to stay in the now. While I’m not saying meditation rings are gonna keep you present 24 hours a day, you may find it easier to make the transition from autopilot living to mindful living. 

Eventually, you’d want to turn this into the default to the point where you no longer need a meditation ring to do it on your own, since you are capable of doing it on your own, you just haven’t trained yourself to do it. Just like you may not be used to meditating on your own and may start with a guide. 

Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with using a meditation ring all the time if that’s what helps you. But the more you stay on track with meditation, the faster and more long-lasting the gains will be. 

Do You Need a Meditation Ring?

To meditate or enter a meditative state, you don’t need a meditation ring, but they can be helpful nonetheless and there and we haven’t spotted any reported downsides to using one. In fact, meditation rings are a great way to cultivate one of the most underrated subconscious habits safely. 

We don’t realize until we have now, until we look back, wishing we could experience what we currently are experiencing. The more appreciative and grateful you are for the present, the happier you are likely to be. 

So while meditation rings aren’t necessary for meditation, they are highly recommended as a way to amplify the meditation practice and spread it throughout the day, and indirectly meditate when you aren’t deliberately meditating. 

If you find that meditation rings have an impact on your well-being and day to day, continue using these rings by all means, as experiencing these micro-meditative states can help you live more peacefully without needing to devote much thought to it, as it would happen automatically.