Is Meditation the Answer to Everything?

Is Meditation the Answer to Everything?

Meditation is a life-changing practice for those that make it work in the long term. Being a long-term meditator myself, I can vouch for the practice as a game changer when it comes to everything else, which now leads me to the next point.

Is meditation the answer to everything? Considering how much we can learn with meditation, there is a potential for meditation to be the answer to many things but not everything for everyone since everyone is on a different path and since you can’t quantify meditation as if it would be a mathematical formula or recipe for success. 

However, meditation often does steer individuals in the right direction and equips them with everything they need, on a spiritual level to find the answers to everything they need answers to, that they may not realize they need answers for.

Our identity shapes the more we meditate, and many will often find themselves with new queries the more they grow on a personal level. 

Looking WIthin

When you start meditating, you are many times practicing an indirect form of self love and self reliance. This can often be reflected in your reduced need for others approval and instead, shift your focus to feed yourself on an emotional level which will often have you look within for answers. 

Many tend to look externally for answers, while we often have the answers within, but because fear is holding us back, or anxiety, and wanting to avoid embarrassment, we outsource our own ability to trust our judgment and look for external approval for answers that don’t necessarily answer our queries the best way. 

And since meditation helps us be more connected to ourselves, we’ll often find answers when we aren’t clouded by fear or stress and have a clear path to use that internal wisdom sleeping within. 

There are many times we know more than what we believe we do, but it becomes more evident the more self-reliant we become and the more we start looking for answers within. 

Meditation can be a way to find your true purpose the more you get to know yourself, since part of your true self is often repressed by memories or a part of your shadow you have to overcome in order to unlock who you really are, as opposed to who you think you are and walk towards your purpose with limited understanding on what lines up with your true self. 

Accepting The Answers We Get

At times, when we get the answers to our queries through internal wisdom, we may not always agree with or accept a certain answer. 

But with meditation, we learn to become more flexible over time and that applies to all other aspects, meaning we don’t necessarily dwell on an answer or try to adjust it and believe what would be a comfortable lie. 

Because one of the first steps towards changing something, be it situation, thought or anything else is by accepting that such thing exists in its present form without dwelling on it. Now, meditation helps us become more intuitive, and as a result, trusting of ourselves. 

But the less you overthink something, the less said thing has power over you. The moment you overthink something is the moment you are giving that one thing you are overthinking, take control of your mind and get the best of you. 

Now, of course, while meditating you are unlikely to get any answers, because you are generally just supposed to keep your focus on your breathing, it’s often after the meditation, over time, that you cultivate new subconscious habits and become more intuitive that you start coming up with things you might’ve not come up with before. 

Because meditation can indirectly help us be more creative and indirectly come up with creative answers, expanding the angles of how we can think about something in particular and thus giving us more means to find a diverse set of answers. 

Eventually, things that might’ve not made sense at the start make sense later down the line, the more you expand your mind and the more solution-oriented you become, which is something meditation helps us in doing. 

Now, everything I’m mentioning will often come as an indirect result of consistent meditation. Meditation doesn’t involve necessarily having a particular thought, but more being present and focusing on your breathing, even if there are meditations that don’t necessarily involve focusing on the breathing, but where the principles remain the same. 

Meditation can be difficult for those starting out because it’s a new world they are navigating. Their mind consists of an uncountable amount of belief systems and constantly shifting thoughts, so getting it all in place and clearing the mind is one of the trickier parts of meditation, but something that we start doing the deeper we meditate

Navigating the mind can be a bit like navigating a large forest, but once the path is clear, the answer to many of our questions becomes obvious, once we aren’t looking at the answers through the lens of judgment or biases, but are able to see things for how they really are and remain indifferent to them. 

Meditation is, after all, a way to potentially grow different belief systems the more we change as a person

Changing is what often translates into growth, and what often comes from accepting the answers we present to ourselves in our journey of navigating the mind. 

The mind is a powerful source of wisdom where we store teachings we’ve left behind, either from the past or wisdom we’ve attained from others without ever thinking about it initially. 

Final Thoughts

The question of whether meditation can be the answer for everything isn’t as binary as a yes or no, since, for some, it will be the answer for everything, given how it equips and prepares someone to deal with the reality they experience on a day to day without adding any filters, and thus, resulting in strength and growth. 

Whereas for others, meditation is a supplementary tool in addition to the answers they already have and open up to learn more. 

By no means do we ourselves have the answers to everything, and we can always learn more from others, but we certainly shouldn’t overlook our own ability to be problem solvers since our potential is often bigger than what we think it is. 

There are times we will get things wrong, even with our internal wisdom and the answers we get from within, but even then, it’s worth considering the options we have on the table. Meditation is a potential means to get answers because it expands our minds.