Why You Should Meditate With Your Pets (Surprising Benefits)

Why You Should Meditate With Your Pets (Surprising Benefits)

Want to make your meditation practice more fulfilling and cute? That’s right, I said cute! Then you should consider meditating with your pet, or pets if you have several. Pets are amazing. 

Most of us have unconditional love for our pets like no other being on this planet. We’ve previously explored the benefits of meditating with someone else, but that someone else was implying it was a human, and we haven’t yet explored why you should meditate with a furry sweetheart. 

You can meditate with any pet, however, so long as they make you feel how you want to feel in the process. 

Pets can feel our energy, and we can easily bond with them through meditation, building trust in the process, as it’s a mutual state of non-judgment and provides room for endless love and compassion. 

Not everyone has the luxury to meditate with their pets, but if you have that possibility, don’t miss the chance. 

While it’s not guaranteed your pet will join you in your meditation session, many times they may. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones to attract your pet’s attention while meditating, allow it, and embrace it, as the benefits of meditation will multiply. Both meditating and engaging with pets relieve stress. 

I would even go as far as saying that playing with your pet mindfully as you enjoy every moment with them is a subtle way of meditating that many don’t know about. This, combined with meditation, takes the bond a step further. 

Meditating with a pet also makes the practice less lonely, something many try to get away from and one reason they may turn to meditation for. 

Increased Compassion

As you start meditating with pets, you’re likely to increase your compassion as if you’re overflowed by a constant state of love and cuteness in addition to meditation. 

For instance, many who either have a cat or a dog, on their lap don’t want to move, because they don’t want to disrupt the peaceful position their pets are in. 

Take advantage of this fact with meditation, as it can help you meditate for longer. Your animals will assist you in keeping you disciplined with your meditation practice and you will feel a deeper spiritual connection to them, and it will be a win-win situation. 

You get to be relaxed, your pet gets to feel relaxed and match your vibration, and as a result, you feel more connected to your pet by the end of the session, making you want to spend more time with them. 

Animals appreciate the time they can spend with their human friends, but it becomes more of a reciprocal thing the more time you spend with them. You don’t want to let go of the cuteness, duality, and compatibility you feel with your pet, and it feels like this cycle of love. 

Loving-kindness meditation almost becomes an extension of any meditation you do because you’d gravitate towards feelings of love and compassion. 

Something that, in turn, is more likely to make you a more compassionate person and better at forming connections with others. Pets make our lives happier, but so does meditation. 

Matching Vibration

The act of letting go of judgment is a new idea to many since the mind is used to judgment. We have this notion that judgment leads to growth and improved logical thinking. But the mind needs a rest from that, even to stimulate our critical thinking. 

However, letting go of judgment when meditating isn’t always the easiest part, as sometimes, we can’t help but get thoughts that make us feel a certain way. 

Pets, however, can be our reference and masters, and teach us to live a judgment-free life, and, as a result, make us happier individuals in the process. 

When we meditate with pets and we’re mindful about their presence, while not impossible, we make it harder for the mind to divert its attention to something that doesn’t serve a purpose to us. 

We can learn a lot from pets, but when we’re next to them while meditating, we’re inspired by their non-judgment and many of us try to match that energy, as we’re so mindful about cuteness, there’s no room for judgment, but instead, unconditional love and bonding. 

Even if your pet weren’t to join you on your subsequent meditation sessions, you carry with you a non-judgment principle that’s easier to apply, since you get a notion of what that looks like, and thus, can teach you to overall be more accepting of your thoughts.

How You Can Meditate With Your Pet

One way you can meditate with your little friend is to pet your animal while meditating and engage your senses in the sensations as you close your eyes. 

The beauty of meditating with a pet is that it doesn’t take away from the meditation experience you would’ve done without your pet. 

Another way to meditate with a pet is merely letting them be on your lap, as you feel their weight on you, you don’t have to actively caress them to enjoy a fulfilling meditation session with them. 

In addition, you can focus on the breathing of your pet’s breath as you meditate with them, as that may wound up being easier than focusing on your own breath. 

There are other means in which to meditate without focusing on our breath but breath focus is for many the easiest, but with their own breath they may feel insecure or there may be something else going on that keeps them from being able to focus properly. 

But with pet meditation, you may not be so insecure about your breath or feel a certain way, something that happened to me when I tried focusing on my breath which made my mind start to wonder. 

Pets Pick Up On Your Energy

Animals alone have been seen as a stress reliever, and the reason is believed to be that pets pick up on your energy. 

While there hasn’t been any scientific evidence supporting this, if we choose to open our mind to a more spiritual point of view, it makes sense that we’re gonna feel better by spending time with our pets, and more so after a long day when we’re exhausted and need someone to turn to. 

Pets often greet their human counterparts with joy and a high amount of energy, something we could pick up on instead, and let go of what was draining our energy, and by the end of our meditation session with our pets, we wound up feeling more energized, as we’re quantifying the calmness of meditation while including compassion and empathy into the practice. 

This is more likely to put someone in a better mood and replenish their energy when they would’ve otherwise felt exhausted. 

Many have noticed that they don’t necessarily become a pet magnet when doing something else but meditation, so there’s something special about meditation that animals pick up on. 

As if we are emitting energy that attracts them and they’re able to shatter any negative energy in the process and overwhelm us with positive energy. 

It’s believed that pets such as cats and dogs already are in a meditative state, and now that you’re left with positive energy, you have someone to share it with while getting the same in return. One could say that pet meditation is a great return on energy investment.  

Unconditional Love

Pets are often the only creatures we confidently can say we love unconditionally. Many say they love someone else unconditionally just for convenience without actually meaning it. 

But with pets, their mere presence is enough to make us feel better and are easier to love unconditionally, thus, perpetuating the emotions and amplifying them while meditating. 

When judgment is absent from meditation, the practice is being done correctly, and pet meditation is an explicit means by which we can practice true non-judgment towards someone else. 

When meditating with someone else, there’s always the human variable of personal chemistry and how we may be perceived by the other, especially when we meditate with strangers for the sake of feeling accompanied. 

But with a pet you know you’re never judged and you know you can comfortably direct any loving sensation you feel knowing it will be reciprocated. It’s also a great way to form trust with your pet. 

The more your pet trusts you, the more comfortable your pet will feel spending time with you and can fast-track the start of a lifelong relationship. So if you had tried forming a bond with your pet before without much success, try meditating with them.