Can Yoga Keep You Young?

Many strive to look young permanently, and although it sounds like a pipe dream, yoga is one way to bring us closer to that goal. Yoga can improve our circulation and stimulate the hormones that make us look younger

Can Yoga Keep You Young?
Image Credits: Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Although there isn’t a conclusive science, many swear by the results, but the same can be said about exercise or meditation. Even more so with yoga when we have several poses to be in. The best part is that yoga can be practiced at home, for free, simply with a yoga mat, some don’t even use a yoga mat. 

The combination of a good diet, blood circulation, and physical movement goes a long way in keeping us young, and if you’re in your early ages, consider yourself lucky that you know this now. Not only does yoga help in keeping your youth but also feel physically good. 

Lower Stress, Slower Aging

It’s no secret that the less stressed you are, the slower you age. Yoga is an amazing tool to reduce stress while learning to keep a good posture throughout the day. It can be the difference between living an active life later down the line and not living one. 

Simply practicing 20 to 30 minutes of yoga a day can do a lot for you, but you may not dispose of that amount of time, even if you choose to take small steps. 

If you manage to build the habit of yoga, it’s more likely to result in better sleep and improved well-being, and with the absence of stress, you can enjoy your life more in the present, which is something you are often taught to do with meditation. 

But you can combine yoga and meditation without deliberately trying to meditate. Although yoga is often separate from meditation, it doesn’t have to be, if you treat your yoga as a meditation practice. 

Staying Young: Exercise or Yoga?

While both exercise and yoga play an important role in keeping us young and healthy, what particularly separates yoga from exercise is that yoga also focuses on keeping your mind fit. 

And if you already are exercising, yoga is a great way to maintain that habit. But keeping the mind fit is important because a fit mind will often lead to a fit physique. However, that’s not to say that you can’t benefit mentally from exercise, but yoga is more geared toward that. 

Exercise often requires us to push ourselves to the next level, and it can get difficult for some, whereas yoga is more about consistency and less about resistance or strength training. 

But for someone that already does yoga or meditation for that habit, starting to exercise will generally be easier for them, since they’ve already proved themselves able to stick with one thing for the long haul. 

The combination of keeping a good pose, circulation, and stimulating hormones that promote youth is what makes yoga such a powerful habit to stay young.  

Mentally, it’s also important to stay young because seeing a decline when it comes to memory or thinking can affect your quality of life. It’s a bit like clearing the mind much like you would clean a hard drive, and it gives us more clarity. 

Over time, our memory starts to fail us, and just looking younger won’t do much if the mind doesn’t follow through with that. 

We want the best of both worlds, and since there’s a focus on bringing the mind and body together with yoga, it’s why it is a great way to stay young. 

If a mind is not fit, it’s only a matter of time till the body follows through, considering that the body is often a reflection of the mind, and any change we do starts from the mind. 

Some use moisturizers or sunscreens, and while those can come a long way, they obviously cost and aren’t accessible to everyone, and it doesn’t hurt to get the extra boost from yoga, something anyone can do after all. 


Many can appreciate the flexibility that yoga gives us, and there are many in their later ages that perform like athletes either because they choose to practice yoga, exercise, or both. And the sooner you start picking up the habit, the less you’ll struggle to be flexible. 

Most of us take what we are physically able to do for granted, that we’ll stay young forever and that we’ll always be able to perform the same way we do now. 

Now, aging is inevitable but yoga is a great way to prevent so many of the drawbacks that come with aging, and because we are able to enjoy flexibility in our aging and an overall better physique, these years can be more enjoyable as well, as opposed to seeing a decline. 

Yoga is a way to preserve the mind and body and make us feel like we live longer because we avoid many of the effects of aging when we do yoga. Many times, yoga can even be the difference between living a few extra years and not. 


Taking care of our diet is crucial to delay aging. Nothing of what I mentioned will be relevant if your diet is poor, but if you already found yourself successfully building the habit of yoga, you’re less likely to struggle to eat healthy, because it’s almost as if everything else falls into place like a domino effect. 

One good habit can easily lead to another, and if you notice the fruits of your yoga in your youth, you won’t want to stop there, and it will likely lead you to pick up habits such as healthy eating or exercise as a bonus. 

What you eat can play a role in slowing or speeding up your aging, so always be sure to do your due diligence, so that your mind, body, and soul are together. Many yogis recommend a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables as they come a long way in contributing to our youth. 

Facial Yoga

There are some yoga practices geared towards facial yoga, which consists of working on your facial muscles, which, as you can imagine, will bring more flexibility there and can often save you years of aging, so long as it’s done right. 

It’s key to get it right as getting it wrong could have the opposite effect and accelerate our aging, which is why it’s a good idea to learn from someone that has a track record with that.

Even regular yoga where you are acting is likely to extend the benefits to your face and make you look younger overall, assuming you are consistent with the practice. 

Facial yoga is geared towards removing wrinkles and facial lines that will inevitably come, as we age, we can certainly delay the effects by being proactive with yoga. 

There are several ways to remove or significantly reduce wrinkles, but yoga has to be one of the most natural ways to do it. 

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